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About Us

Waller Assistance and Restoration Ministries, Inc. (W.A.R.M.), is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) Texas non-profit charitable corporation.

W.A.R.M. was formed through the merger of two long-standing Christian outreach ministries in the Waller area. The ministry is based around two primary services: the assistance office and the thrift store. The W.A.R.M. Assistance Office provides supplemental food, clothing and personal assistance to families in need in the Waller area and Waller Independent School District. The food is purchased through thrift shop sales or the generous donations of local and area citizens, churches and businesses. The WARM Treasures Thrift Shop sells gently used clothing, furniture, books, music and other goods. It is a great place to shop for that unique item or to supplement your home or wardrobe. Proceeds from the WARM Treasures sales support the assistance office and other expenses of the ministry.

Historically, the Waller-Prairie View Ministerial Alliance and others in the area Christian community were concerned about better ways to serve those in need in the Waller area. Pastors, church staff, volunteers and other organizations often found themselves making assistance decisions regarding the needs of individuals and families without having the time or staffing to fully evaluate the situation. Many congregations simply did not have the resources to help those outside their own church families.The Waller Pantry and Closet was formed by the Ministerial Alliance in 1986. The Mission Closet, a ministry of Waller Baptist Church, had been at work since 1985.  The merger of those two ministries with the assistance of the Ministerial Alliance formed W.A.R.M. as it exists today.

The merger fulfilled the desire of all concerned to cooperate in a Christ-centered approach to providing emergency assistance and restoration for those in need. After much prayer and discussion with similar organizations, both inside and outside our community, the consolidation of this effort now provides a great benefit to those in need in the Waller area.  W.A.R.M. serves the needs of our community through the efforts of those who desire to communicate Christ’s love through acts of giving and serving.

We often serve families in danger of homelessness due to a sudden emergency or job loss. The W.A.R.M. Assistance Office assists people who need temporary financial assistance and ascertains their need for additional resources.

The work of our Assistance Ministries would not be possible without the generous donations of people like yourself as the majority of our funding comes from public donations. Having considered the reasons and having developed your personal philosophy for giving, we hope you will participate in our donation drives. If you cannot contribute financially, you may consider donating items for our WARM Treasures Thrift Store. Also, please consider donating your time as a W.A.R.M. volunteer.