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Volunteers contribute to the overall mission of W.A.R.M. by providing another layer of compassion, caring, talent and skill to our team. We are proud to work with many different types of volunteers:
• Ongoing individual volunteers – These volunteers assist week after week and become valued team members. New ongoing individual volunteers are asked to make an initial commitment to one year of service, and at minimum, volunteer once a week. Our hope is that volunteers will want to continue their service long past the initial year commitment.
• Short-term individual volunte*ers – These volunteers assist in areas that require very little training and only volunteer for a short amount of time or to obtain a specified number of volunteer hours. (Due to time constraints, the number of these opportunities at a given time is extremely limited.)
• Volunteer groups – Regardless of size, volunteer groups are an organized collection of people who have a designated leader. W.A.R.M. offers one-time, short-term and ongoing opportunities for group volunteer service.
• Internships – W.A.R.M. is delighted when we can partner with outstanding academic institutions and top-notch students to provide internships. Internships are individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the area and the student.
• Court-mandated Community Service Volunteers – As need arises, W.A.R.M. utilizes community service volunteers. Community service volunteers must not have been convicted of any violent crime or theft. All community service volunteers must be age 18 or older.
For more information, please review the Volunteer Handbook below.


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